The protease specificity of influenza virus hemagglutinin and coronavirus spike protein with monobasic cleavage site: underlying mechanisms and host proteases involved

Research area: Molecular Virology

Proteolytic activation of enveloped viruses including influenza A and B virus (IAV/IBV) and coronaviruses (CoV) by host cell proteases is crucial for virus infectivity. We previously demonstrated in vitro that the transmembrane serine protease 2 (TMPRSS2) cleaves influenza virus hemagglutinin possessing a monobasic cleavage site. Further studies by us and others revealed that TMPRSS2 is capable of activating many respiratory viruses. Recently, we identified TMPRSS2 as major activating protease of IAV of almost all 16 HA-subtypes in human and murine airway cells and of IBV in human lung. Having established the crucial role of TMPRSS2 in influenza virus activation in lower human airways we now want to validate its role in IAV/IBV activation in the human upper respiratory tract. Furthermore, we aim at investigating the tissue distribution and role of TMPRSS2 orthologues in IAV activation in chicken and ducks that are important IAV hosts.

Project-related publications of the investigator:

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