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Virus infections remain a major threat to human and animal health. They have a huge impact on global economies and account for a substantial part of healthcare costs worldwide. RNA viruses are of particular interest because their replication machinery lacks proofreading activity, resulting in high numbers of nucleotide misincorporations during viral genome replication and the generation of viral “quasispecies”, genetically diverse virus populations containing large numbers of variants that differ from one another in one or more position(s) of the genome sequence.

A publication particularly worth reading

The publication by Eva Böttcher-Friebertshäuser and her team on the front cover of the Journal of Biological Chemistry On The […]

Der Kampf gegen die Pandemie – Impfstoffentwicklung

Stephan Becker zur komplexen Impfstoffentwicklung. Professor Dr. Stephan Becker leitet das Institut für Virologie der Philipps-Universität Marburg. In Zeiten von […]

ZDF spezial: Corona-Krise in Deutschland

Stephan Becker beantwortet Fragen. Themen der Sendung “ZFD spezial”: Wie gehen die Menschen in Deutschland mit den Einschränkungen im Alltag […]

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