Control of Hepatitis C Virus replication by viral and cellular factors

Research area: Molecular Virology

Replication of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) genome RNA in cells requires both the establishment and specific activity of viral RNA replication complexes and also viral countermeasures against the cellular innate immune system. We found that HCV stimulates expression of a long non-coding RNA (Lnc-ITM2C-1 or GCSIR) that in turn stimulates expression of a cannabinoid receptor, GPR55. This in turn suppresses expression of interferon-stimulated genes (ISGs) in favour of HCV replication. In this project, we aim at gaining deeper insight into the molecular mechanisms of the Lnc-ITM2C-1 – GPR55 – ISG regulation axis. Complementary to the early steps of the cellular response, we aim at elucidating the early steps of HCV RNA synthesis in cells, using full-length and subgenomic replicon systems. Ribosome pausing at two positions at the NS5B replicase stop codon and directly upstream is caused by inefficient codons, indicating that a slow-down of NS5B translation may be important for the initiation of minus strand synthesis. We want to identify HCV RNA cis-signals and long-range interactions involved in the balance of initial RNA genome translation starting at the genome´s 5´-end versus the initiation of RNA minus strand synthesis starting at the genome´s 3´-end.

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